Project Manager – Metairie, LA Office

Responsibilities: The management of nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and structural testing projects and staff in locations primarily located in the Southeast, but also in locations throughout the US and internationally. Over time, responsibilities associated with this position will include:

  • Project management of structural inspection projects, including logistical planning, client correspondence, project execution, assurance that field and reporting deadlines are met, budget tracking, forecasting and invoicing
  • Client and subcontractor interaction and coordination
  • Maintaining and coordinating project staffing and equipment usage schedules
  • Management and mentorship of junior staff
  • Determination of staffing requirements for Louisiana Office and interviewing/hiring/onboarding new employees
  • General office management including determination of resource and space requirements
  • Report and analysis QAQC
  • Cost estimating and proposal writing
  • Attending conferences and trade shows and representing BDI as the industry leader in Civil NDE and Structural Testing/Monitoring
  • Contract review
  • Occasional NDE field, reporting and analysis work, as required
  • Other duties, as required

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in an Engineering Discipline or Physics, MS Preferred
  • Experience working in and managing a dynamic fast paced environment
  • Project Management Experience, or demonstrated increasing responsibility in current position and prepared to move into project management
  • Extensive field experience in inspection and/or testing of Civil Infrastructure
  • Experience with Civil NDT Testing Methods including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Acoustic Techniques (Impact Echo, Shear Wave Tomography, Sonic Echo/Impulse Response), electrochemical methods (Half Cell Potential, Electrical Resistivity), and American Society of Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) steel inspection techniques (MT, PT, UT, PAUT, etc.)
  • Experience with material sampling and testing (Concrete Coring and Chloride Sampling)
  • Willing to travel for projects and business development (~50-100 days/year)
  • Willing to work on ropes and/or at height (SPRAT training and certification preferred)
  • Experience with hand tools and construction
  • PE License, if applicant has engineering background (preferred)
  • Data acquisition programming and implementation experience (preferred)
  • NBIS Bridge Inspection Certification (Preferred)

Reports To: Program Manager

Furthermore, the position will evolve as your skills and experience increase and as you develop an area of interest on which you may want to focus.

Job type: Full-time.

Please email with cover letter and resume, outlining all job-related certifications and experience you hold.

    About Us: BDI is a consulting and manufacturing firm that has been providing high-quality instruments and testing and monitoring services worldwide since 1989. BDI Headquarters and manufacturing facility is located in Louisville, CO; in addition, we have local offices in Philadelphia, PA, Raleigh, NC, and New Orleans, LA, and international bases in both Manchester and London, UK.

    Equipped with various types of data acquisition systems and sensors, our highly qualified engineers and technicians develop instrumentation plans, execute testing, and perform sophisticated analytical modeling. We also develop and manufacture most of the testing hardware and software used on our projects.

    This unique combination of sophisticated engineering and instrumentation design makes BDI the most qualified, all-in-one firm for structural testing and monitoring.

    Background and Philosophy:

    BDI is a very dynamic, growing company that thrives on the creativity and ideas of its employees. As a BDI engineer, you will be asked to not only work on existing projects, but also help obtain new projects by creating, maintaining, and utilizing a professional network. Along the way, we will provide a variety of safety training including ropes access, structure inspection, and just about any other type of professional development opportunities that you would be interested in pursuing.

    Within several years of being employed at BDI, our engineers tend to be well-rounded and well-travelled. We take on an amazingly wide spectrum of projects ranging from evaluating the performance of a radial lift gate on the Snake River, to installing a monitoring system on a historic fort on an island in the Gulf of Mexico, to running a building floor test in Saudi Arabia, not to mention testing and training for customers all over the world in between projects.

    We are looking for someone who is self-motivated and interested in developing their own career in structural testing, monitoring, and evaluation. Depending on the project, long hours will be necessary at times and as a team member you may be called to assist a crew (both onsite and remotely) with short notice. BDI does not just provide you a job, but rather an opportunity and a challenge to see where you can take your career.

    No need to apply if you are looking for a comfortable, predictable, 9-to-5 engineering position. However, if you have a taste for adventure, enjoy traveling, and like challenging yet sometimes difficult work, then this position is right for you.

    Bridge Diagnostics, Inc. ensures non-discrimination in all programs and activities in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. If you need more information or special assistance for persons with disabilities or limited English proficiency, contact our office at +1.303.494.3230 ext. 116

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