BDI’s Spot Bonder for Strain Gage Installation is Lightweight and Capable of 60 Bonds Per Minute

We are pleased to announce the very portable, lightweight, and truly fast spot-bonder for foil strain gage installation. The S100 Stinger™ (Rapid Capacitive Discharge Bonder) solves issues common with spot bonders used to install weldable strain gages on steel surfaces.

Developed for industrial environments, the new S100 Stinger spot-bonds foil strain gages to steel surfaces. This 12 Vdc powered tool is capable of up to 60 bonds per minute which makes it one of the fastest tools of its kind. Whether working suspended on the side of a structure or under it, it is easy to carry on remote job sites due to its weight of approximately 8.3 lb. It is ideal for working from ropes access, aerial lift, or in a laboratory. Running on removable Li-Ion batteries, the S100 produces 1200 bonds per battery charge. Its spot-bond energy level can be defined by the user, up to 60 joules.

The S100 kit and options include:

  • Spot bonder
  • Handle assembly
  • Grounding and mechanical clamp assemblies
  • Bonding tips, straight and curved
  • Batteries and Charger, and
  • more options to meet your specific needs

Additional options include a specially designed Ballistic Nylon work bag and a rugged transit case customized to contain the Stinger and its accessories.