Monitoring Historic Structures

BDI is equipped to install monitoring systems for tracking wall rotations and masonry and concrete crack movements due to environmental or construction loading conditions. The data from these systems can be downloaded from the internet and any trends or excessive movements can trigger an alarm so that an inspector can be mobilized.

Contract Strain Gage Installation Services

Do you need help installing foil strain gages on test specimens or other fixtures?  BDI has the capabilities to perform these services in our laboratory or at your facility on a production basis.  We can assist in developing a new installation method or you can send us your existing procedures and we’ll help you get…

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Structural Research Support for Universities

BDI makes an ideal partner for all types of university research projects by supplying testing services, equipment, and/or training. BDI will “fit in” to just the level required to accomplish the objectives of the research in the most efficient way possible. If its equipment you’re looking for, we can provide the hardware and software along…

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Save that Hydraulic Structure!

As budgets tighten, the pressure on engineers to get the most out of their existing structure inventory goes up. Some tools that can often help with this decision are live load testing and structural monitoring. For 24 years, BDI has been providing critical structural response information to engineers responsible for maintaining lock gates, radial gates,…

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