ST350 Strain Transducer


Many field strain gage installations can be replaced with the highly accurate BDI Strain Transducer. These units are rugged and can be installed in any weather. Since they are pre-wired and easy to mount, BDI Strain Transducers will drastically reduce your field testing time!

  • For all types of field and laboratory testing.
  • Entirely reusable, lasts for years
  • Mount to steel, concrete, timber and FRP structural members.
  • Gives over three times the output as a typical quarter-arm foil gage installation.
  • Compatible with most data acquisition systems.
  • Pay for themselves with just a few uses.
  • CE Certified


Type 350Ω, Full Wheatstone bridge configuration
Range ±4,000µε
Effective Length 3.0 In. (76.2mm)
Accuracy ±1%
Excitation +1 to +10VDC
Temperature Range -58°F to +185°F (-50°C
to +85°C)
Size 4.35 in x 1.23 in x
0.51 in (110mm x 31mm x 13mm)
Weatherproof IP67

Repair & Recalibration Services: BDI offers repair and recalibration services for all BDI Strain Transducers using our NIST-traceable Automated Strain Transducer Calibration System (ASTCS) that insures high quality strain measurements.
Additional Accessories Available:

  • Reusable mounting tab. Can be used with glue or arc welding.
  • Tab Mounting Jig
  • Tab Removal Tool
  • Strain Gage Extension
  • Extension Mounting Jig
  • Tab Welding Jig
  • 3in. Protective Cover
  • 24in. Protective Cover