Foil Gage Completion Module


Many data acquisition systems are equipped for completing quarter-arm Wheatstone bridge strain gage circuits using internal resistor networks. However, when long lead wires are required between the data acquisition system and the single-arm gage installation site, the wire impedance will influence the bridge circuit and noise sensitivity is increased. The effect on the millivolt-level output signals from the gage can be significant.

Therefore, it is often advantageous to complete the bridge circuit very near the gage location. This approach provides a symmetrical and balanced lead wire system that reduces lead wire effects and improves the noise reduction in most structural testing environments.

BDI has designed our Wheatstone bridge completion units to allow for simple and efficient connection of single foil strain gages to our STS- WiFi or your existing data acquisition system. Available in both 120Ω, 350Ω, and 1,000Ω configurations, the rugged and re-usable BDI Foil Strain Gage Completion Unit significantly reduces field installation time since only the lead wires need to be soldered to the installed foil gage.


Type 120Ω, 350Ω, & 1000Ω; ¼ & ½ bridge configuration
Foil Gage Hookup 3-wire, 30awg assembly with M8 connector
Excitation +1 to +10VDC
Temperature Range -58°F to +185°F (-50°C to +85°C)
Size 0.08 in x 1.95 in x 0.49 in (20.3 mm x 49.5 mm x 12.4 mm)
Weatherproof IP67


Additional Accessories Available:

  • Reusable mounting tab. Can be used with glue or arc welding.
  • Tab Removal Tool
  • Foil Gage Lead Wire
  • Mechanical and Environmental Protections
  • Protective Cover