Platform Interactive


BDI is proud to introduce Platform Interactive for all of your data hosting and web-based monitoring requirements. Designed for anyone who needs to demonstrate awareness and control of critical sites, Platform Interactive enables concise, near-real-time presentation of complex data collected from any on-site instrumentation. It is simple to use, highly secure, features custom alerts, projects rich-textured annotated site images, has an advanced graphing engine, and contains custom reporting tools.

Platform Interactive utilizes Azure, Microsoft’s industry leading cloud computing platform with over $15 billion of data center investment. To ensure security, privacy, and compliance, Microsoft employs robust policies and processes, and openly share the results of third-party audits that review the effectiveness of their internal controls. Our hosting service is backed with a 24/7 manned control center which ensures the highest level of customer support.

We can work with your team to customize Platform Interactive to match the project requirements. With the simple-to-use interface, the site can be used for monitoring sites ranging from a single instrument to a mega-project where multiple instrumentation contractors are involved. If there is data, let BDI help you visualize and contextualize it.

Data does not have to be collected by your instruments—BDI can integrate web-available data, such as tide charts, river levels, or weather, allowing the users to get a full picture of the site conditions.

In addition to a typical automated monitoring program, BDI has remote input methods for hosting manual monitoring sites, including:

  • Survey points
  • Inclinometers
  • Discrete measurements (pore water pressure, lake elevations, member forces, etc.)
  • Data presentation for multi-client usen for multi-client use

Have your own monitoring sites? BDI does not have to deploy the instrumentation in order to use Platform Interactive—we will host your data for a negotiated fee and help bring the professional touches to your end user.


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