In order to take advantage of the new hardware features in our STS4 data acquisition hardware, we’ve developed the STS-LIVE application that is not only more versatile, but retains the ease-of-use of our original WinSTS program. As current STS users know, our systems do NOT require any programming! With the Intelliducer nodes, the system is ready to collect data seconds after connecting to the hardware. Terminal nodes can be configured quickly through simple drop down menus.



  • Allows user to configure STS4 hardware for data acquisition
  • View data in real time either using time history, x-y type scatter plot, or in the frequency domain
  • Range of frequency options
  • Real-time filtering options
  • Programmable test lengths with sampling rates up to 1,000 Hz
  • Programmable excitation voltages and sensor gain settings
  • Automatic or manual sensor zeroing routine
  • Automatic temperature compensation for sensors equipped with thermistors
  • Provides control over STS4 power-saving capabilities such as stand-by, snooze, and sleep modes
  • Stores all meta and raw data in TDMS file format for easy importation into either STS-VIEW, STS-CFA, or spreadsheets
  • Application runs Windows® Operating Systems


STS-LIVE 1.4.2