Structural Testing & Monitoring Services


Our structural instrumentation and monitoring services include diagnostic load stress testing and structural health monitoring for highway bridges, railroad bridges, dam and lock gates, buildings, and many other structures. Since we design and manufacture most of the equipment we use, we can customize our hardware and data collection procedures for any given structural or bridge monitoring project.

Analysis Capabilities

  • Developing instrumentation and testing plans
  • Performing qualitative data review
  • Finite element modeling using Strand7, STAAD
  • FE model calibration using field data to optimize modeling parameters
  • Using FE models to investigate the effects of damage or proposed repairs
  • Real-time quantification of forces to assist crews with field adjustments

Highway and Railroad Bridge Load Ratings

  • Overload and permit loads
  • Accurate AASHTO & AREMA Load Ratings
  • Evaluate short-line railroad bridges for heavier rolling stock.


  • Vibration monitoring due to construction activity
  • Evaluate effectiveness of strengthening and other repairs
  • Monitor crack growth in concrete foundations
  • Record expansion joint displacements due to temperature fluctuations
  • Monitor wind speeds for roof evaluations

Locks & Dams

  • Measure trunnion friction in radial gates
  • Accurately balance counterweights for lift gates
  • Measure gudgeon and diagonal forces in miter gates
  • Record structural responses on nav-lock gates
  • Evaluate hoist forces and interference issues
  • Monitor fatigue stresses during ice passage events