Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing services refer to relatively short-term field tests in which instrumentation is installed on a structure, data is collected under a controlled live load with our STS4 structure load test system. The resulting data can be used to verify the analytical predictions or for refining a finite element model for determining accurate load ratings. BDI began pioneering the efficient structural health diagnostic testing approach in the late 1980s for highway bridges and has since adapted it for use in hundreds of other infrastructure applications.

Structural Monitoring

One common application of our structural monitoring services, sometimes referred to as “Structural Health Monitoring” involves automatically recording and processing data on-site for days, months, and years. There are hundreds of variations of these systems depending on sensor type and locations, whether or not there is power available on-site, a wireless or wired system, and many other variables. Data is periodically transferred off-site downloaded via cellular, land-line, or satellite communications. We can support further data analysis with our Engineering team or present the data in a meaningful way through our data management platform.

Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE)

Our NDE group focuses on testing and evaluating existing steel, concrete, timber, or other structural elements to determine their in-situ condition. Depending on the application, a large range of technologies are available that can be utilized alone or in combination by our expertly trained field technicians. Technologies typically utilized by BDI include:

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
Impact Echo (IE)
Impulse Response
Infrared Thermography (IR)
High-speed Bridge Deck Inspection: GPR/IR/HRV & Deck Acoustic Response (SounDAR)
Electrochemical Testing
Sonic Echo/Impulse Response (SE/IR) for Unknown Foundations
ASNT Steel Inspections – VT, PT, MT, ET, UT, PAUT
+  Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection

Engineering Services

The founders of our business and the nucleus of our staff are engineers, and the services we provide are all founded in sound engineering principles. We offer a range of value-added engineering services centered around the diagnostic testing, monitoring, and nondestructive evaluation data that we collect. This includes everything from simple data interpretation and structural response evaluation to in-depth finite element analysis. In addition, we offer a structural load testing system, load rating services, and special case inspection services.


Whether it is an emergency response, difficult access, unique measurement, or research; we are ready to support your project with a wide range of in-house capabilities:

Over 600 channels of Data Acquisition ready to deploy on any project
Over 1,000 sensors ready to deploy (strain, displacement, rotation, vibration, torque, pressure, force, environmental, and more)
Full team of certified SPRAT ropes access engineers and technicians
FHWA-NHI certified bridge inspectors
PE registration in 27 states
P.Eng in 2 Provinces
ASNT Level II certified inspectors
In-House Research and Development