In addition to developing and manufacturing world-class testing and monitoring instruments, BDI offers a vast array of structural health monitoring, diagnostic load testing, and analysis services that fall under the following categories:

+-  Web-based Monitoring & Data Hosting

BDI is proud to introduce Platform Interactive for all of your data hosting and web-based monitoring requirements. Designed for anyone who needs to demonstrate awareness and control of critical sites, Platform Interactive enables concise, near-real-time presentation of complex data collected from any on-site instrumentation. It is simple to use, highly secure, features custom alerts, projects rich-textured annotated site images, has an advanced graphing engine, and contains custom reporting tools.

Platform Interactive utilizes Azure, Microsoft’s industry leading cloud computing platform with over $15 billion of data center investment. To ensure security, privacy, and compliance, Microsoft employs robust policies and processes, and openly share the results of third-party audits that review the effectiveness of their internal controls. Our hosting service is backed with a 24/7 manned control center which ensures the highest level of customer support.

+-  Environmental Monitoring

With our partners at Advanced Monitoring Methods (AdvM2), BDI can provide a myriad of environmental monitoring and consulting services, including: meteorological monitoring, air quality monitoring (particulate matter and criteria pollutants as well as specialty VOC), noise, near road, runway weather, flood alerts, mercury and hazardous compound monitoring, wind energy, and solar energy. We can also provide a complete suite of air modeling and permitting services to complement our structural and environmental monitoring services, load stress testing and diagnostics.

All data collection and storage uses the latest technology to insure that data is verified, quality assured, and readily available in real-time via BDI’s Platform Interactive. AdvM2 has over 30 years experience in providing high quality environmental measurements, load stress testing and diagnostics from remote locations. This BDI/AdvM2 partnerships gives owners and consultants a one-stop-shop for all their instrumentation and monitoring requirements.


+-  Testing and Monitoring

If you have moveable structures that are operated with mechanical systems, BDI can deploy a large range of structural monitoring sensors to evaluate and test actual response.

  • Counterweight balancing
  • Torque on pinion shafts
  • Strain/stresses on gear teeth
  • Cable force measurements
  • Amperage draw on drive motors
  • Operating forces in drive systems
  • Hydraulic oil operating pressures
+-  Structural Testing & Monitoring Services

Our structural instrumentation and monitoring services include diagnostic load stress testing and structural health monitoring for highway bridges, railroad bridges, dam and lock gates, buildings, and many other structures. Since we design and manufacture most of the equipment we use, we can customize our hardware and data collection procedures for any given structural or bridge monitoring project.

+-  NDE

Our nondestructive evaluation (NDE) department offers a range of comprehensive solutions for inspection of concrete, steel, timber, and other structural materials and systems. We provide the following specialized services to evaluate your structures nondestructively:

  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
  • Impact Echo (IE)
  • Infrared Thermography (IR)
  • High-speed Mobile Bridge Deck Inspection with SounDAR (mobile Deck Acoustic Response), GPR, and IR.
  • Electrochemical Testing (Half-cell Potential, Electrical Resistivity, and Choloride Ion Penetration Testing)
  • Testing for Unknown Foundations with Sonic Echo / Impulse Response (SE/IR), Ultraseismic Testing, and Parallel Seismic Testing
  • ASNT Steel Inspections – VT, PT, MT, UT
  • Phased Array and Advanced Ultrasonic Testing – PAUT
  • Impulse Response
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Inspection
+-  Static Pile Load Testing

BDI is proud to announce the ATLAS static pile load testing system to the American market. This fully automated, multistage hydraulic system brings an unrivaled degree of safety, control, and quality to static pile testing. The results can be collected locally or the entire testing program can be observed remotely using Platform Interactive.

+-  Geotechnical Monitoring

BDI is an authorized Geokon reseller and we have been doing business together for more than 25 years. We keep a large inventory of both Geokon instruments and data acquisition components in-house for immediate deployment. Contractors and engineers can either purchase equipment from BDI, or our in-house staff can provide system design and installation in conjunction with manual measurements or a fully automated system. Systems can range from a single piezometer to hundreds of various sensors, and with our system designs, long runs of cables are no longer required to maintain an operable monitoring, load stress testing and diagnostic system.


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+-  Vibration and Noise Monitoring

Driving piles? Moving heavy equipment around historic or sensitive infrastructure? BDI is an authorized Instantel reseller and integrator and can provide vibration and noise systems like the MicroMate. We sell and lease vibration and noise monitoring equipment for local monitoring, or integrate the system into a fully automated online monitoring system.


+-  Turnkey Automated Monitoring

BDI has been working with customers all over the world since 1989 providing turnkey deployment of monitoring projects. As a critical member of your team, our involvement will complement—not complicate—your efforts, and our deliverables will meet your timescale and quality standards.

The automated systems we design, manufacture, and install deliver optimal functionality, rapid dissemination, total reliability, and above all, value.  We approach each project with a determination to understand our customers’ needs first so that the systems will be effective and meet all scope requirements.  BDI continues to innovate, and understands how new technology fits into the monitoring industry.  All automated systems are available for purchase or lease.

+-  Geodetic Survey Monitoring

Are you manually surveying site conditions or adjacent construction? Automatically upload these results to BDI’s monitoring website to allow for easy viewing by all the critical partners on your team. If measurements are being taken multiple times a day, on a critical structure, or in an inaccessible area, BDI can automate survey monitoring with an Automated Total Station. This removes human error from the monitoring measurements and allows points to be continuously shot for critical sites.

+-  Contract Strain Gage Installation

BDI provides high-quality instrumentation services and equipment all over the world. Our primary services include custom strain gage installations for clients with limited time or resources.


1. Installing gages at client’s facility: Our ITAR-cleared technicians can mobilize to your facility, work during the prescribed schedules, and follow detailed client installation procedures so that your time-sensitive delivery schedules can be maintained. Our teams often work long days and through weekends and are capable of working in both supervised and unsupervised environments.

2. Installing gages on client’s OEM components in BDI laboratory: BDI has a full range of preparation and gage installation equipment for mounting foil gages including ultrasonic water baths, media blasters, programmable curing ovens, soldering microscopes, programmable environmental chambers, and quad-zone vacuum-operated gage bonding systems.

+-  Construction Monitoring

Construction and rehabilitation work often requires diagnostics, structural monitoring or load stress testing in difficult conditions. BDI has a range of structure monitoring solutions depending on applications.
Some examples include:

  • Concrete curing temperatures
  • Vibrations on adjacent structures
  • Cable or rod forces
  • Transportation loads on structural members
  • Wall or foundation movements during rehabilitation work
  • Slope stability, pore water pressure, and gross movements of surrounding buildings and infrastructure
+-  Manual Monitoring

Not all measurements require a large automated monitoring system.  For these applications, instruments can simply be read with a small handheld unit. Let BDI train your staff to self-perform this task or allow our team to do it for you.