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BDI Introduces 3D-Radar for Nondestructive Evaluation of Roads and Bridges

BDI brings 3D-Radar technology to nondestructive evaluation (NDE) of roads and bridges.

With our 3D-Radar system, we produce 3D tomographic images of subsurface data to perform bridge deck and pavement inspection and assessment, including:

  • Identify precursors to degradation (chlorides, moisture, potential cross section loss) for structural concrete bridge decks
  • Determine concrete cover to rebar layers
  • Measure asphalt (or other overlay) layer thickness to verify as built and QA of new or historic construction.
  • Assess condition including bridge degradation and pavement voids, stripping, and rutting mechanisms
  • Combine with FWD/TSD to evaluate pavement structural condition.

Paired with BDI’s SounDAR system for automated hammer sounding and high-resolution imaging / infrared thermography, we can capture the entire degradation cycle of structural concrete bridge decks. This not only allows for identifying immediate quantities for repairs, but also areas that need immediate maintenance vs. those that are just beginning the degradation cycle making these technologies the perfect combination for bridge deck asset management NDE.

These technologies can also be utilized on highways, roadways, runways, and other infrastructure assets.

BDI conducts cost effective structural testing and monitoring while providing reliable results in North America and around the world. Using rapid data acquisition, typically without the need for traffic control, allows for improved safety and dramatic cost savings. Superior datasets and quick turnaround on results help to inform decision makers of where to spend their preservation, maintenance, and asset management budgets.

BDI’s staff of engineers, scientists, and technicians offer comprehensive recommendations and data results and are capable of providing testing requirements based on customer specifications.

Complementary services provided by BDI include:

  • Drone inspection – Infrared thermography, high resolution imaging, and LiDAR
  • Deck Acoustic Response (SounDAR) – automated hammer sounding of bridge decks
  • Material sampling
  • Pavement instrumentation – Sensors & DAQ systems

New, highway speed 3D-Radar capabilities enhance BDI NDE Bridge Deck Inspection and Pavement Services to improve infrastructure maintenance and asset management via refined 3-D subsurface information.