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Live Load Testing of Expressway

BDI was contracted by the client to perform diagnostic tests on multiple sections of an expressway. Testing and instrumentation occurred over the timeframe from October 6 through October 14, 2019.

BDI completed testing on four slab spans of the bridge; two spans on two portions of the structure. Each set of instrumented spans consisted of a slab that was in good overall condition and a slab identified by the prime contractor as having concrete in suspect condition. Data obtained from the load tests was first evaluated for quality and processed for use by the prime contractor in their bridge evaluation.

In general, response data recorded during the load tests was found to be of good quality. Responses were very reproducible and returned to their initial values, barring minor thermal drift, indicating that the structure was behaving in a linear-elastic manner. Measured responses associated with the live-load tests were all of relatively small magnitude. The response magnitudes were expected to be small based on the structure’s material and type.

 Instruments used

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