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The New Spot-Bonder for Weldable Strain Gage Installation is Portable and Capable of 60 Bonds Per Minute

We’re pleased to announce the highly portable, lightweight, and truly fast S100 StingerTM (Rapid Capacitive Discharge Bonder) designed for weldable strain gage installations. The StingerTM can also be used in general spot-bonding applications such as manufacturing thermistors and thermocouples. At 8.3 lb, with an adaptable carrying case, and off-the-shelf replaceable batteries, the StingerTM solves the biggest issues with current portable spot bonders.

Developed to be deployed and utilized in industrial and outdoor environments, the StingerTM is lightweight, very portable, and spot-bonds weldable strain gages to metallic surfaces at a fast rate. It is powered by an off-the-shelf Lithium-Ion battery that is easily replaced and produces 1200 bonds per charge at 35 Joules. The bonding energy can be easily specified by the user up to 60 Joules on this DC powered tool and it’s capable of 60 bonds per minute, making it one of the fastest tools of its kind. Whether working suspended under a structure or in a production plant, the StingerTM is easy to clip onto a harness or carry around remote job sites. It is especially ideal for working from ropes access, aerial lifts, or in a laboratory setting. ​

What comes in the S100 Kit and options:

  • StingerTMSpot Bonder
  • Bonding Handle assembly
  • Grounding and mechanical clamp assemblies
  • Bonding tips (straight and curved)
  • Lithium-Ion batteries and charger
  • Ballistic Nylon work bag
  • Rugged Pelican Transit Case


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