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As budgets tighten, the pressure on state and municipal engineers to get the most out of their existing inventory goes up. Some tools that can often help with this decision are live load testing and structural monitoring. For 30 years, BDI has been providing critical structural response information to bridge engineers who will often go on to either raise load limits, remove load postings, and verify that permit loads are not damaging their bridges. We are structural engineers who know what type of data needs to be recorded and more importantly, we know how to help translate the field data into an actual decision for the bridge owner.

In fact, since we’ve tested over 1500 bridges, we have a good idea on whether or not a particular structure will benefit from a test and will let the owner know ahead of time what the chances are that the results will help.

We always do this in the most efficient way possible, making structural testing feasible on a routine basis.

Here are some scenarios where testing & monitoring may have a potentially large payoff:

  • Low Load Ratings
  • Missing As-Built Plans
  • Complex Structures
  • Very Heavy Permit Loads





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