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Bridge Emergency Monitoring Project

BDI is currently performing bridge monitoring services for a bridge that is estimated to last six months to one year. This emergency project was launched after the footers of the bridge underwent a repair contract and it was observed that cracks in the concrete footers were potentially moving under heavy live loads travelling on the bridge. In response, the DOT requested BDI to prepare an emergency monitoring strategy to: determine whether the cracks were active under live load, requiring dynamic measurements; and determine whether the footer is deforming under live load, requiring a combination of tiltmeter and acceleration measurements on both Piers 20 and 21, with Pier 20 serving as a control.

From the initial bridge evaluation findings, BDI will instrument Pier 21 with a quantity of nine biaxial tiltmeters, one triaxial accelerometer, and four crackmeters. BDI will instrument Pier 20 with a quantity of four crackmeters.

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