Cable Potentiometer (CPOT)

Cable Potentiometer (CPOT)

The Cable Potentiometer (CPOT) is designed for measuring large displacements on structures with moving components such as lift gates or moveable bridge spans.

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Type Cable Potentiometer
Ranges 1.0 to 80 in
Excitation +1 to +30V AC or DC
Output 0 to (50% Excitation Voltage)
Linearity ±0.3% to ±0.15%
Temperature Range -40° to +203 °F (-40° to +95 °C)
Size 2.9 in x 4.5 in x 4.75 in (74mm x 115mm x 121mm)
Weatherproof IP68


  • Suitable for large displacements 
  • Spring-loaded cable spool 
  • Infinite resolution (depends on user’s A/D) 
  • Easy installation 
  • Mount in any orientation 
  • Stainless steel housing resists corrosion 
  • IP65 


  • Liftgates on river control structures
  • Moveable bridges for highways and railroads 
  • Industrial and mechanical equipment 
  • Expansion joint position  

Options & Accessories

  • Displacements options up to 80 in (2.0 m) 
  • Optional IP68 rating