STS-VIEW is a user-interactive graphing application specifically designed for viewing data obtained from our STS4 data acquisition systems. Rather than spending endless hours formulating and checking spreadsheets, STS-VIEW allows the engineer to quickly interpret the responses with many easy-to-use features. For example, the user can view data as a function of time, load position, load event, or even as a function of one of the recorded sensor measurements (e.g. pressure, temperature, etc.).

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  • Import raw data files directly into STS-VIEW
    • Supports CSI data files
  • Process your data by applying different gage/correction factors and offset methods to either specified sensors or entire data files
  • Remove data spikes and noise from data using the filtering feature that allows the user to graphically compare the original and filtered responses
  • Compute and display neutral axis locations for flexural members
  • Compute average responses from single and groups of sensors to calculate axial forces
  • Data can be compared to computed responses calibrated from BDI’s WinSAC and Strand7 structural analysis software to visually evaluate the accuracy of a structural model
  • Run an FFT on a given sensor output to evaluate the structural member’s frequency content
  • Generate envelope files to determine the minimum and maximum responses from each sensor
  • Extract processed data to a text file or spreadsheet complete with a sensor legend and envelope information
  • Data decimation options can be used to reduce file size
  • Merge multiple data files into one file


STS-VIEW 2.0.2