STS-LIVE is a simple-to-use Windows®-based application that provides full control over our range of STS4 data acquisition componentsWith no programming required and designed by our field engineers, STS-LIVE is ready to collect data in within seconds after launching allowing the user to focus on data interpretation rather than software programming! 

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  • Automatically detects and configures STS4 hardware for Intelliducer sensor support
  • Quickly configure sample frequencies, test durations, and other data acquisition parameters
  • View recorded data in real time
  • Adjust sensor excitation voltages and gains stages
  • STS-Live automatically detects and supports STS4 Automatic Load Position Tracker (STS4-ALPT)
  • Automatic zeroing option
  • Seamlessly supports multiple Wireless Base Stations (STS4-WBS)
  • Temperature compensation for sensors equipped with thermistors
  • Real-time data filtering
  • Control the Standby, Snooze, and Sleep power-saving modes
  • TDMS data format allows easy importation into STS-VIEW, STS-CFA, or spreadsheet
  • Designed for Windows® 10 and newer Operating Systems