VW Strain Gaged Rockbolt

VW Strain Gaged Rockbolt

The Model 4910 Instrumented Rockbolt comprises a vibrating wire strain gauge located inside a short length of standard threaded rockbolt or rebar. This short length is then connected via a coupling to a longer length of the same bolt material. The instrumented rockbolt is installed in the same manner as conventional rockbolts, making sure that the strain gauge remains located within the loaded part of the rockbolt.

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  • Proven and reliable vibrating-wire technology
  • Linear to 2,500 με
  • Requires portable readout with probe
  • Not affected by bending forces
  • Use standard coupling to add on end of threaded rod
  • Internal VW Gage and connector recessed inside rod
  • Excellent stability for long-term measurements
  • Waterproof


  • Retaining wall tiebacks
  • Threaded rock anchors


Standard Range 2500 µε, equivalent to around 27,215 kg in a 25 mm Ø bolt
Resolution 0.5 µε, equivalent to around 5 kg in a 25 mm Ø bolt
Accuracy ±0.25% F.S.
Linearity ±0.5% F.S.
Output 1400-3000 Hz
Temperature Range −20° to +80 °C
Bolt Sizes 25 mm, #8 rebar, and larger
Length 300 mm (standard)


Options & Accessories

  • GK 404 or GK 405 Readout & Probe