A2512 Accelerometer

A2512 Accelerometer

The A2512 accelerometer has been designed for dynamic structural testing in tough field conditions where long cable lengths are required. These accurate, rugged, and fully-weatherproofed integrated MEMS sensors can be used from zero to medium frequency applications that require low noise and reliable long-term stability. Available in uni, bi, and tri-axial versions, each model can be installed very quickly and is available in ranges between ±2g and ±100g.

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    UA2512 Range
    BA2512 Range
    TA2512 Range

    Instrumentation Cable - 2 shielded twisted pair (22 awg) with drain wire, 0.187" diameter, red PVC jacket.

    Instrumentation Cable - 3 shielded twisted pair (24 awg) with drain wire, 0.250" diameter, black PVC jacket.

    Instrumentation Cable - 4 twisted pair (24 awg) double shielded with drain wire, 0.40" diameter, black FR-TPE jacket.

Applications & Dimensions


  • Completely reusable
  • Designed to exceed IP67
  • Nitrogen gas damped
  • High stability
  • Low power requirements
  • Various mounting options available
  • Industrial cable, custom lengths
  • N.I.S.T. traceable calibration available
  • 9-30 Vdc input voltage range
  • High differential output (±4.0 Vdc)
  • Responds down to 0 Hz


  • Cable force measurements
  • Structure vibration testing & monitoring
  • Earthquake monitoring/detection
  • Structure modal analysis
  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Impact detection
  • Long lead cable (up to 1,500 ft/460 m)



UNIAXIAL MODELS UA2512-002 UA2512-005 UA2512-010 UA2512-025 UA2512-050 UA2512-100
BIAXIAL MODELS BA2512-002 BA2512-005 BA2512-010 BA2512-025 BA2512-050 BA2512-100
TRIAXIAL MODELS TA2512-002 TA2512-005 TA2512-010 TA2512-025 TA2512-050 TA2512-100
RANGE (g)1 ±2 ±5 ±10 ±25 ±50 ±100
FREQUENCY RESPONSE [NOMINAL, 3dB] (Hz) 0-300 0-400 0-600 0-900 0-1200 0-1400
DIFFERENTIAL SENSITIVITY (mV/g) 1000 400 200 80 40 20
OUTPUT ±2.0 Vdc Full Scale Output
OPERATING TEMPERATURE2 -58° to +176 °F (-50° to +80 °C)
SIZE 2.45 x 1.80 x 1.10 in (62.2 x 45.7 x 27.9 mm)
HOUSING Machined 6061 Aluminum Alloy
CORROSION RESISTANCE Hard Anodized Clear (MIL-A-8625 Type III)
WEATHER PROTECTION Designed to exceed IP67


1 Higher ranges are available, contact BDI for more details
2 Temperature limit based on instrumentation cable operating temperatures, call BDI for wide temperature range cable options.


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